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Info about Manot's House, hostel on Thailand's east coast in Rayong


About 15 kilometres south-west of Rayong city (situated north of Rayong Resort that might be familiar to you) lies Hat Mae Ramphung, the 10-kilometre-beach in Tapong, which is interesting for several reasons. If you come by public transport you can take a local mini taxi to the beach from the bus station, for 20 Baht (SEK 4)


There are a few resorts along the beach road of which one, Manot’s House, is run by Thais/Swedes. This is a relaxed place to stay with a cosy atmosphere where you will be well taken care of. From the hostel you have only 50 metres down to the beach, which is very suitable for families with its shallow water.


Hat Mae Ramphung is highly recommended if you want to spend some time in a relaxing place, definitely away from mass tourism, but still with plenty of things to do for those seeking activities. Here you meet the genuine Thailand without crowds of tourists, vendors etc. You can sunbathe and swim in an area with peace and quiet. Nightlife on Hat Mae Ramphung is rare though. There is only one reggae bar run by a foreigner and one karaoke bar nearby. For shopping tours Rayong or Pattaya is not far away for a day's trip.


But restaurants – there are hundreds of them on the beach. What is also remarkable is how untouched the countryside is here. On the other side of the street there are long stretches without any buildings whatsoever - but it will probably not stay that way for long. And looking towards inland all you can see are the plains mixed with low, rolling hills that make up the eastern region in the distance. 


This is most likely to change in the near future, with Thailand becoming increasingly popular for foreigners to reside in. Land prices in the area have started to go up also in Rayong, probably due to the fact that when touring the area, more and more houses, brand new or under construction, and developed by foreigners, cand be found. These are built among the plains that from the beach road seems to be vacant lots.


The first foreigners started coming to Manot's House around 1998 by word of mouth. Most people coming here have visited before but it is also fun to see that so many are coming upon recommendation from our earlier guests. Earlier not many people found this place on their own, but with our new website I hope it will become easier,” says Vanna, the hotel manager who also speaks Swedish.


Most of their customers so far are returning visitors, usually Scandinavians. “Some come and stay up to three months with us every winter season.” They usually start coming in early December. But Manot's House and the beach is becoming more popular among Europeans and more and more people are coming each year. Also some Thais stay at Manot’s.


There is a Swedish flag outside on the street as a landmark for Scandinavians. Sometimes newcomers see it and then they usually come asking for the Swedish tobacco ‘snus’.


One thing special with this beach is the many fishing families having restaurants on the beach. Whole families with children and their pets and all the rest of it also live there in small sheds. This is the unique and genuine culture of Hat Mae Ram Phoeng and part of its charm.


During weekends, apart from during the rainy season, they always get visitors here, mostly Thai families that like to spend a day on the beach, swimming, playing and enjoying seafood. Even though there are restaurants stretching endlessly along the beach all tables can sometimes be quite full on big weekends. But normally it is not.


Thai and seafood is what you can get here mostly. Still, a few opportunities already exists with American breakfast and steaks, but there are definitely no full-fledged international restaurants around.


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Manot's House, 63/82 Moo 5, Friendship Village, Liab Hat Mae Ramphung Rd., Tapong, Muang, Rayong 2100, Thailand

Ph. +66 (0)38 898626, +66 (0) 8 47831031 (Vanna's mobile),  +66 (0) 8 18625467 (mobile), +66 (0) 8 47831031




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