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Dec 12, 2012

Arrivals to Thailand Soar

Scandinavia stays more or less intact with strong numbers.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports reports arrivals to Thailand from January-November 2012 almost reached 20 million tourists with Chinese visitors almost quadrupling.

This November, international arrivals recorded at 2,073,817. China’s growth was described as an incredible; +376.53% supplying 322,377 tourists. Hong Kong grew 326.12% to 41,819.

Japan, another key market posted 132.69% growth and Korea, 77.38%. Malaysia increased by 37.95%.

Europe posted the smallest growth rates of all regions a sign that there will be more declines in 2013 as the financial crisis hits leisure spending. But it was still positive for Thailand at +12.75% (524,499) although some markets reported substantial declines: Belgium, -21.36%; Denmark, -23.44%; Sweden, -36.2% and Norway, -6.94%.

Key markets that grew were: Russia, +25.28; France, +21.04%; Germany, +10.46%; and the United Kingdom, +19.56%.

Arrivals from South Asia, the Americas, Ocieania, Middle East and Africa were all robust up 64.93%, 33.46%, 46.08%, 32.16% and 197.99% respectively.

/source: TTR Weekly

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